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The most efficient solar system

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The solar thermal plant comprises solar field, air cycle, thermal storage, water-steam cycle and cooling system. Solar field is made of solar concentrators. Each of the concentrator is directed towards the Sun so that energy could be collected and focused on the receiver. receiver is made of ceramic elements which can withstand temperatures of up to 1 400 deg C. Air is drawn from the surroundings through the receiver where it is heated to 800 deg C. This heated air is collected from each concentrator into single hot air transport pipe and leads to thermal storage and steam generator. One part of hot air is used to generate superheated steam at 80 bar and 450 deg C and other part is used to heat up the thermal storage. Thermal storage works on principle of sensible heat. It means that material is heated to high temperature without changing its physical state of being solid. For that purpose, a refractory material is used for storing heat. During the night or cloud cover, heat from the storage is extracted and sent to steam generator to fire the steam turbine cycle. In this way energy delivered by the turbine can be constant and thus plant can be equipped with smaller power block which can operate continuously.

Because the system operates at higher temperatures, it can utilize superheated steam which is in the range of conventional thermal power plants. This means that the equipment from steam generator to turbine can be sourced within standard manufacturers, already tested for high efficiency

Core of the CSP solution is a thermal storage. The thermal storage represents the Holy Grail in renewables (solar energy). Due to the intermittency of the source (the Sun), energy production is limited to daytime periods if not omitted by weather. With thermal storage the sun is becoming the reliable source of energy that can be used to replace fossil fuel power around the world. Off course, CSP technology is always better to use in the regions with large solar resource. Those regions are mostly dry parts of the world like deserts which usually have limited water resources. Considering all the problems, our team of engineers has developed the technology that can utilize available resources and compete directly with conventional thermal power plants, providing constant load rather than matching high peak solar generation.
Storage is made of solid material which can be heated to 800 deg C. Storage is already tested commercially in industry. No moving parts, scalable, and recyclable. Because of high operating temperatures it is possible to reach high energy density of the storage material.
Non-corrosive, non-explosive, non-toxic
100% recyclable
Zero maintenance, no need for replacement, long lifespan

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