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6 Reasons why you should advertise online in Zim

| Computer and Telecoms | July 5, 2015

Whether you intend to market your brand nationally and locally,or to sell your unwanted goods, advertising on the internet can be a very effective way to get your message across. In the digital age we live in, there are more options than ever before for companies and individuals to reach their potential customer base. And while traditional advertising methods are still valid for many brands, there are several advantages for advertising on the internet.The number of Zimbabwean internet users is always on the rise and being used by people of all ages and at all times of the day. The internet has become one of the most used means of communication and entertainment. Every day we use social networks like Facebook or messenger apps like WhatsApp to reach our friends and families. Internet is slowly substituting traditional advertising, the way people get news and the way we sell products or services that’s why many innovative entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe are now using free on-line classifieds sites like our website, Zimfreeads.com


Here are the benefits:

1)Time Saving – Individuals looking for anything like properties for sale in Zimbabwe are now able to view full property details including all the pictures and information without leaving the comfort of their homes therefore saving time and money.The information is always available every time unlike in local newspapers.

2)Wider geographical reach – On-line advertising gives your campaigns instant global coverage, therefore reaching more audiences especially if you also want to target people in the Diaspora. This will definitely help you achieve superior results via your on-line advertising strategy through our free Zim classifieds platforms.

3)Mobile Devices- Most newer websites like ours are now built with responsive design that enables anyone to post adverts online using any internet mobile device like a smartphone .

4)Online advertising allows you to target your audience so well,that you only need to post adverts on our Zim classifieds site with the right title for example “Houses for sale in Zimbabwe” so that your ad will also be served to people looking for related services and products on Google like “Properties for sale in Zimbabwe” or even “Houses for rent in Harare”

5)Large capacity information-Capacity to provide information on most classifieds website is unrestricted.Businesses or individuals can add adverts with hundreds of words without having to worry every minute of the second about costs unlike the expensive newspaper way of advertising.Companies can put their products and services,including product price,pictures and detailed description.

6)Free – There is no excuse why individuals and businesses should not advert online. Platforms like ours, www.zimfreeads.com provide a 100% free service where you can post as many adverts as possible for absolutely free.Your adverts will be viewed instantly worldwide and all you need is an internet connection.We also provide a free 24/7 support service by Whatsapp or email for those who need help to set up account,post adverts or enquire for more information.


While advertising online might not be for everyone,businesses and individuals should embrace the new digital age in order to boost sales and profits.There is many innovative entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe already taking advantage of it and you should be part of it.

Post by ZimFreeAds Team
Website: zimfreeads.com
Facebook : www.facebook/zimfreeads
Whatsapp only : +44 786 141 3452

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2 Responses to “6 Reasons why you should advertise online in Zim”

  1. shaggy digital on July 6, 2015 @ 1:44 pm

    A great post but one of the problem with free websites like yours is that you let anyone register and when I was having a look through your website I am seeing listings that are not relevant to people in Zimbabwe so what you end up with is a website that is cluttered and offers no value to people looking for a business.

    The listings that are a waste of time are websites around the world only looking for a link back to their website and you must be careful that Google does not think you are just supplying links.

    My advice to you is you really need to monitor the listings being added or you will have a website that will not get visited anymore


  2. Thank you for your comment.We would like to let you know that we appreciate your input.Yes, we accept anyone to register including people out of Zimbabwe as long as the ads are posted in the right category and are of benefit to the Zimbabwean community.
    We do keep an eye on all the adverts posted on the site but at times we may miss some as we are always busy trying to improve the site,fighting with spammers and working on other projects.We are more than happy for you our website visitors to point out ads which you feel are not relevant so that we can have a look at them.Please feel free to contact me on our whatsapp line or email anytime.Our contact details are on the bottom of the above post.
    Thank you

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